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Tak Shun Technology Group Limited , the leading manufacturer and exporter in electronic products since early 80's , and has established its own factory and engaged in the design and manufacture of calculators and other electronics products in the People’s Republic of China(“PRC”).Our production is currently carried out by Putian Dexin Electronic Limited, and He Nan (Dexin) Electronic LTD, which located in Fujian Province, and He Nan province, PRC with a total gross floor area of about 200,000 square meter. We have approximately 7,000 staff and workers and advanced integrated production facilities. The Group’s subsidiaries have established comprehensive quality assurance system and successfully awarded the ISO9001:2000 certificate. It can further affirm the Group’s leading position in the market.

We continuously improve the product capability and quality along with the development of new products, aiming at providing product of enhanced quality and value to the customers. In addition, the Group also constantly modified the designing of the products to meet the changing market condition. We are dedicated to providing the customers with new products embracing both capability and innovative designing. We produce not only calculators with basic function, but also other state of the art and high value added electronic products to better serve our customers.



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